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Pritesh Shah is an actor, comedian, producer, and screenwriter from, San Diego, CA. Known for his versatility, unparalleled comedic timing, and thought-provoking expressions, he’s became known to be a rising star in Hollywood. Pritesh Shah is specifically known for creating, producing, and screenwriting his short feature critically acclaimed film INVISIBLE BROWN MAN (2021) alongside prolific screenwriter Dennis Fallon. 

After graduating as an accountant and quitting his ideal job, Pritesh immersed himself as a standup comic and actor, where he was mentored by Chad Coleman (Who starred in THE WIRE, THE WALKING DEAD) as he performed at clubs throughout Southern California. Pritesh Shah has appeared in dozens of hit television shows, including GRIM, CRIMINAL MINDS: BEYOND BORDERS, DYNASTY, and he has a recurring role on the Emmy Nominated hit show SIX on the History Channel and GAME OF SILENCE on NBC. He has also starred in the pilot of the series THE WALKING DEAD: THE WORLD BEYOND. 

On the big screen, he had scene stealing roles in TIE THE KNOT, where he starred alongside Tara Reid, WIZARDREAM with Ernie Hudson, and ALL IN TIME with Vanessa Ray. He also starred in THE BLACK GHIANDOLA directed by Sam Raimi alongside JK Simmons and Johnny Depp. He also worked as an Executive Producer in FISHBOWL CALIFORNIA.

In 2021, Pritesh Shah released his first short feature film INVISIBLE BROWN MAN. The film depicted a comedic autobiographical approach pertaining to Shah’s personal experience working in the movie industry as an Indian man. The short film was directed by Emmy Nominated director Roxy Shih starring alongside Richa Moorjani (Who stars in Netflix’s hit series NEVER HAVE I EVER).


The film tackled themes of tokenism, racism, and objectification which sparked critical discourse in the South Asian community. INVISIBLE BROWN MAN gained significant social media attention and became a viral hit sensation surpassing 5.7 million views on TikTok. Pritesh Shah has been critically acclaimed for his riveting and adaptable performance in the film. As of 2022, Pritesh Shah co-directed, produced, and wrote alongside Dennis Fallon  TWO INDIANS a civil war drama set to be released in 2023.

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